How Did They Print Pictures in USSR (33 pics)

The prosess of printing of pictires was earlier labour- and time-consuming one.
It was not like people do it now sending them for printing and in a minute it is done.
Let’s look into the process of picture printing back n USSR.
The film is shot, developed and dried. Take out a photographic enlarger

first time in about a decade we open this case.

The foam has dissolved completely for this thime :(.

We scrub it off and take all the components out.

Ok, we have taken everything out. Now we are trying to remember how to assemble everything :)

What a beauty ;)

THe lightbulb was there for a decade too. I think there is glass inside. The lightbulb is mat itself, so the condition af a spiral is not seen. SO, I hope we are lucky. Turning it on:

Wow. It is working. But it is dull. For testing we underlay a picture.

No, the lightbulb does not work. Making a picturemagnifier more up-to-date.

Looks fine. Let’s see how it is working.

It got even duller. It seems like it doesn’t get in a lens focal length. For the sake of the experiment I am trying to give some light with a flashlight with a twisted reflector.

The result is great, but there is no way I will hold this flashlight.

It is time to add the film. We choose a masking frame (yes, it isn’t photoshop who was doing all the framing, it was done by a proper masking frame which was limiting the light-striking area). We add also a mat glass to a special pocket over the film

Ok, there is nothing interesting left. As the sealer has dissolved we are trying to replace it with a glamor pink napkin.

Tried to take away the magnifire and found this.

It is really old. But this’s ok. Scrubbing this nasty dirt off, then taking it apart.

Energy efficiency technology forever :). A lightbulb is like made for it, the light is even better than a light from incandescent lamp

The lamp has three modes. One:


And three:

If we have a lamp we should do all the printing from the very beginning. Copy paper is almost new :)

Young photographer work place. Of course in the bathroom.

Basins with a developer, fixing salt.

You can work with copy paper and film only in red light.

Put the film in, add a red glass in front of the picturemagnifire, turn it on, choose the right position of the copy paper added beforehand

The most disgusting moment. Take away the red glass, count to ten. One, two…

…Ten. Close a camera glass, carefully take the paper and developer.

The picture has developed, wait till it becomes plucky. It is important to wait for not too long or it will get too dark. Ok, now into the fixing salt.

Wait for some time, wash in the basin with a water and hang it up.

While liquids are dropping off we take out the gloss agent. It is a heater with a mirror surface, which will make our pictures glossy.

Mounting feet, handlers, take the mirrors away.

Apply pictures to the mirrors. Roll it to the mirror so that there are no air between the picture and a mirror.

Take the mirror away, cover it with a rag and lock it up. Turn on the device and go have a cup of coffee.

We waited enough, the picture is dry. Turn on the gloss agent, take the rug and the mirrow away. And the picture is in our hands. The smell of the fresh made picrure is unforgettable :)


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