Hand-Made Mosquito Trap (2 pics)

A great way to catch mosquitoes.

Hand-Made Mosquito Trap (2 pics)

You need: A 2 litre plastic bottle. 50 g of coarse sugar (like rock sugar etc., not the fine granulated stuff.) 1 g yeast powder/ granules A thermometer A measuring cup A craft Knife Black paper Cut the bottle thusly. Keep the top part for step 4. Mix 200ml of hot water with 50g sugar. Then cool the sugar water to 40°C. Put the sugar water in the bottle and add the yeast powder/ granules. You don’t have to mix – it will react gradually with the sugar to produce CO2, the magic mozzie attractant.

Hand-Made Mosquito Trap (2 pics)

Fit the top part of the bottle snugly into the bottom part.
Make it a tight fit so that the CO2 that’s produced will only be coming out of the hole in the middle.
Cover with black paper to make it dark inside – just how mosquitos like it.
Ideally you want to place it in a dark, preferrably humid corner of a room.
After two weeks you should have a whole bunch of (mostly) dead mosquitos in your trap.
Replace sugar water and yeast every 2 weeks.


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