19 June 2012

Multnomah Falls is a magnificent natural beauty and a major tourist attraction, which is situated on the Oregon side of the Colombian River, George which is in the east of Troutdale and between Corbett and Donson. The stream of this thunderous, icy water fall is a whopping 611 feet-long. The best part of this Multnomah Fall is that it is divided into two parts. Its first part is 542 feet long and is clearly visible from the historic Colombian River Highway and its second part is 69 feet long. The water fall does not dry up in the late summer as its underground spring and snow that melts, continuous to flow down. Multnomah Falls’ view from the famous Benson bridge is nothing short of breath-taking. I am quite sure that all you guys out there would love it.

Multnomah Falls (11 pics)

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19 June 2012

A compilation of hilarious demotivator posters for you… Enjoy))

Demotivators Picdump (16 pics)

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18 June 2012

These pictures cannot be described. People do some very crazy stuff.

Very Weird Pictures (39 pics)

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18 June 2012

This is how dads see some things.

Dad-O-Vision (7 pics)

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18 June 2012

If your video card is dead you can bake it and it will reborn. Will it really?

Bake Your Dead Video Card and It Will Reborn (5 pics)

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18 June 2012

A compilation of pictures about people in America…

The American Way (40 pics)

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18 June 2012

Now 44-year-old Lacey Wildd is going to have her breasts enlarged from her current L-cup to an MMM-cup so that she becomes one of the top five largest breasted women in the world.

Lacey Wildd Before and After 13 Breast Enlargement Surgeries (14 pics)

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18 June 2012

Soviet beauties on old pocket calendars make us smile today. Many people used to collect them to find somewhere in many years, and maybe today.

Girls On Soviet Calendars (26 pics)

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18 June 2012

Hagfish Have Alien Jaws
Scientists refer to the vagina dentata that is the hagfish’s face as “two pairs of tooth-like rasps on the top of a tongue-like projection.” We can only describe it in the language of screams.
Just to add insult to horror, it turns out that the hagfish doesn’t even really need a mouth, considering that it can actually eat with its skin. It generally gets its nutrition from swimming around in putrid waters around decomposing corpses and absorbing the delicious corpse juices through its pores. It seems like the only reason it has four rows of yellow fangs is because God had to match a quota for horrible things.

Most Terrifying Mouths in Nature (8 pics)

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18 June 2012

Nick Greco is the master of jewelery that makes amazing jewelry … of old forks. Just look at how he uses all of the forks’ details to create different shapes and patterns. Looking at these rings, pendants, earrings and bracelets, you will never believe that they are made of forks.

Jewelry Of The Forks (18 pics)

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18 June 2012

The Mandarin Duck (Aix galericulata), or just Mandarin, is a medium-sized perching duck, closely related to the North American Wood Duck. It is 41–49 cm long with a 65–75 cm wingspan.The species was once widespread in eastern Asia, but large-scale exports and the destruction of its forest habitat have reduced populations in eastern Russia and in China to below 1,000 pairs in each country; Japan, however, is thought to still hold some 5,000 pairs.
Specimens frequently escape from collections, and in the 20th century a large feral population was established in Great Britain; more recently small numbers have bred in Ireland, concentrated in the parks of Dublin. There are now about 7000 in Britain, and other populations on the European continent, the largest in the region of Berlin.
Black Mountain, North Carolina also has a limited population.[citation needed] There is also a free-flying feral population of several hundred mandarins in Sonoma County, California. This population is the result of several mandarin ducks escaping from captivity, then going on to reproduce in the wild.

Beauty Of Nature (5 pics)

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18 June 2012

Mount Merapi volcano spews smoke as seen from Deles village in Klaten, near the ancient city of Yogyakarta, November 1, 2010. (REUTERS/Dwi Oblo)Since its initial eruptions on October 25th, Indonesia’s Mount Merapi continues to spew hot gases and ash as far as 5,000 meters into the atmosphere, wreaking havoc on surrounding villages and farms, and disrupting air travel – and more than 140 people have been killed by the eruptions over the past two weeks. Hundreds of thousands of residents have been displaced, many of them living in temporary shelters until the Indonesian government reduces the existing 20 km “safe zone”, and allows them and their livestock to return. Collected here are recent images from the area near the unpredictable Mount Merapi as it still rumbles and erupts.

Mount Merapis Eruptions (20 pics)

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15 June 2012

Who of Hollywood beauties has changed beyond recognition
Daryl Hannah.

Scariest Plastic Surgery Faces (9 pics)

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15 June 2012

Pop singers can turn in Oscar-worthy movie performances, some more regularly than others. Here’s our pick of the best musical movie actors.

The 10 Best Pop Stars Turned Film Stars (11 pics)

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