4 January 2012

Digital Paintings by Spanish digital artist Marta Nael. From a very young age, Marta Nael showed extraordinary aptitudes regarding drawing and painting. Marta has a love for all artistic disciplines but after completing her Fine Arts degree she discovered her passion: matte painting and concept art. Digital art has enabled Marta to be self-employed and embark herself in a variety of projects from musical album covers to background illustrations amongst many others.
Her mastery of different techniques allows her to create content for almost any kind of multimedia applications and gives her the opportunity to work as a freelancer or under the wing of a big studio.

Digital Paintings by Marta Nael (11 pics)

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4 January 2012

Photos made inside a model agency in 1948.

Model Agency in 1948 (24 pics)

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4 January 2012

This is what happens when you spin a rainbow umbrella.

Rainbow Umbrella (8 pics)

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2 January 2012

Starcraft ghost nova final

Digital Art

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2 January 2012

Beautiful forest photography by Diemen, Netherlands based photographer Lars van de Goor. Born in 1964, in a houseboat, next to a farm, located between lakes and meadows. Lars has passion in music, Landscape/Nature photography and editing. Lars is a finalist for the Hasselblad Masters Award 2012.

Red forrest

Forest Photography by Lars van de Goor

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2 January 2012

Antonio Sarbossa is one of the most appreciated and well known painters in Italy and abroad. In art Antonio looks for something that is beyond our normal vision. It is the rather mysterious side that appears, with all the emotions and the thrills of the soul.
He harmoniously transfers it under a pictorial light, into a world that becomes fabulous, as our eyes discover it; loaded with suggestions; extremely sweet in its chromatic harmony; capricious in its images and in continuous movement, ready to capture us deeply and allow us to dream. He has shown the authentic quality of a painter. It is worth observing his paintings deeply, to taste its suggestive magic.

Fabulous Paintings by Antonio Sgarbossa

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1 January 2011

Dear Friends!
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
When you wake up New Year morning hope you find beneath the tree so many lovely presents you’ll be happy as can be!

Happy New Year!!!

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