25 June 2012

Supermodels looked like normal girls in school, nobody would have thought that they gonna have such a great future. But it was fate, and there they are.

Supermodels And Their School Pictures (19 pics)

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25 June 2012

Hunterville is a village in New Zealand, established in 1884 by George Hunter and that according to the 2006 Census has a population of only 440. But that doesn’t stop it from gathering huge crowds from all over the island for the unique Huntaway Festival.

Hunterville Huntaway Festival (12 pics)

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25 June 2012

Artist Reydzi Matsumoto works in the genre of manga and anime, he designed a ship named Himiko. His creation is more like a spaceship than a river bus. Dimensions of Himiko: 33 x 8 meters, displacement is 114 tons.Tram route will run between areas of Asakusa and Odaiba, which contain several tourist attractions.

Japanese River Bus (12 pics)

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25 June 2012

The miniature folk art of fruit pit carving has been practiced in China for centuries, and is still praised for turning useless fruit stones into valuable works of art.
Nut carving (Heidao), which refers to both fruit pit and walnut carving, became popular during the Song Dynasty (960-1279), and by the time of the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644) it had become one of the most appreciated art forms in mainland China, with royalty and high-ranking officials considering it fashionable to wear carved fruit pit accessories. Even today, intricate nut sculptures like those made in Suzhou, Yangzhou, Weifang in Shandong and Guangdong Province are famous for their level of detail and unique characteristics.

China’s Incredible Fruit Pit Carving Art (5 pics)

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25 June 2012

Castle Howard is a very impressive 18th century stately home of unusual architectural design, with an elevated central domed roof. This beautiful house has many rooms each with its own atmosphere, filled with paintings, antique sculptures, relics, treasures and many books.
The House is situated in the Howardian Hills fifteen miles northeast from the city of York, on a grand estate of 10,000 acres. Open to the public are the House built by Sir John Vanbrugh, rose gardens, the Great Lake, temples, lawns, nature walks, Ray Wood, fountains and waterways. It is also a working estate including the thriving businesses of farming, forestry, fishing, shooting, tree nursery, a caravan site and property letting.
Built in 1699, Castle Howard is still the private home of the Howard family. The House and grounds gained great publicity from the television drama Brideshead Revisited, which was filmed there.
A visit to Castle Howard makes a very pleasant day out, and of similar estates that I have visited it is rivaled only by Chatsworth House in Derbyshire.
Castle Howard is located off the A64, about a 20 mile drive from York.

England Castles: Castle HOWARD (17 pics)

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25 June 2012

A feisty feline has been employed to do a dog’s job after taking up a security post at a toy warehouse in Southampton.

Cat Guarding a Warehouse of Toys (4 pics)

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22 June 2012

In recent years, religious tourism is becoming increasingly popular. There are more and more of believers and the interest in religion is waking up. Religious places are very adorable, regardless of beliefs and religions that are being promoted out there. People come to these places to get closer to God, have faith, or cure.

Ta Prum

The Most Important Sacred Places On The Planet (10 pics)

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22 June 2012

Easter Island is an isolated Polynesian island located in the southeastern Pacific Ocean. Politically, Easter Island is a special territory of Chile. Easter Island is famous for the almost 900 stone statues, called moai, that are in the shape of human heads and simple bodies. These moai statues were created by the Rapanui people hundreds of years ago. It is believed that the Rapanui people’s numbers dwindled due to the overexploitation of their tiny, isolated island. Others claim diseases from Europe are to blame for the decline. The island’s name was given in 1722 by a Dutch explorer, who landed on the island on Easter Sunday. The Polynesian name for the island is Rapa Nui, meaning “Big Rapa” in reference to a similar looking Polynesian island called Rapa. Today, Easter Island is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and destination for history loving tourists.

Easter Island (13 pics)

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22 June 2012

Dry Tortugas National Park is a national park in the USA about 68 statute miles (109 km) west of Key West in the Gulf of Mexico. The park preserves Fort Jefferson and the Dry Tortugas islands in the Florida Keys.
The park is famous for abundant sea life, colorful coral reefs and legends of shipwrecks and sunken treasures. The park’s centerpiece is Fort Jefferson, a massive but unfinished coastal fortress. Fort Jefferson is the largest masonry structure in the Western Hemisphere,[3][4] and is composed of over 16 million bricks. The park has almost 80,000 visitors each year. The park is accessible only by seaplane or boat. Ferries leave from Key West. Activities include snorkeling, picnicking, camping, scuba diving, saltwater fishing and birdwatching.

Dry Tortugas National Park (11 pics)

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22 June 2012

What used to be state of the art devices a few decades ago are now totally outdated and are no longer produced. Here are the characteristic tech sounds which you are unlikely to hear today.

Dial-up Modem Handshake

Tech Sounds That Won’t Ever Come Back (12 pics)

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22 June 2012

A GIRL who spent four hours smoking super-strength skunk cannabis had to be rescued when she climbed a 40ft electricity pylon after hallucinating that it was a bridge.
Horrified locals spotted the 21-year-old girl – from Zlin, Czech Republic – apparently trying to cross a river and dialed emergency services.
Police spokesman Jan Macalikova said: “It was a nightmare because she was very much under the influence of drugs and wasn’t making much sense.

Thats What Happens When You Get Really High (4 pics)

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22 June 2012

During the 80s this place had the functioning antenna complex the size of a soccer field, plus the “Ural” super-computer presiding over it all… The Ionospheric Research Station is located near Zmiev, close to Kharkov and is still used from time to time by (no doubt desperate) scientists – the area was declassified recently (it used to be a top secret installation, hm… I wonder why). This marvel of Soviet technology seems to be no match for HAARP Research Station in Alaska, but looks can be deceiving – and in the meantime it serves as a good “stomping ground” for all sorts of explorers of creepy and abandoned places.Abandoned Places Of The World. Part 15.

Abandoned Places Of The World (19 pics)

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22 June 2012

A funny selection of “oh, you!” memes…

Oh, You! (11 pics)

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22 June 2012

A compilation of hilarious demotivator posters for you… Enjoy))

Demotivators Picdump (16 pics)

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