8 February 2012

Manual on how to make a big rose.

DIY Rose (15 pics)

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8 February 2012

In Hungary two Hummer H2 crashed through ice into icy water of Lake Balaton. It appears that the lake wasn’t frozen enough for such big cars. Unbelievable but the second car crashed through ice while trying to rescue the first one.

Two Hummers Got Stuck in Frozen Lake (12 pics)

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8 February 2012

The Patriots may have lost in the Super Bowl this season…But in the Lingerie Bowl, everybody wins. Check out photos from this year’s game in the gallery below.Lingerie Bowl 2011 Lingerie Bowl 2010

Lingerie Bowl 2012 (14 pics)

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8 February 2012

This is not a nail scratch on the door or puncturer tires, this is serious damage…

Severe Moscow Revenge to  BMW Owner (3 pics)

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8 February 2012

Rather than take a trip to the jeweller’s, the 46 year-old decided to pan his own gold in the Highlands as a unique symbol of his love. To the astonishment of experts, Mr Greenwood produced 34 grams of gold that he claims to have collected in just three months.
He had it made into a ring set with three diamonds and presented it to his girlfriend of three years, Morag Shearer, in a Christmas proposal.

Golden Romance (4 pics)

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8 February 2012

Art of leather dressing is thousands years old. Perhaps, people learnt how to dress leather before they learnt how to make a fire. Russkaya Kozha (or Russian Leather) is the largest leather factory in Europe and it is situated in Ryazan.

Russian Leather (46 pics)

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8 February 2012

Ioana Spangenberg is a 30-year-old Romanian woman that stands 5’6” and weighs only 84 pounds, but the most astonishing part about her body is her 20-inch waist compared to her 32” hips. Her waist is so insanely thin that it appears her photos could have been Photoshopped, however watch the video at the end of the post to see that this is no illusion.

Ioana Spangenberg and Her Thin Waist (16 pics)

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8 February 2012

SEC cheerleaders are stereotyped as Southern belles known for their elegance and gentleness.
And then there’s Georgia’s Anna Watson, the Mike Mamula of cheerleading.
She is the most ripped female college cheerleader you will ever see; She bench presses 155 pounds, squats 255 and can dead lift 230. Profiled in the student newspaper, Red and Black, Watson sounds like a “workout warrior” when she describes at one point working out an hour-and-a-half, six days a week and taking down 3,000 calories a day.
She claims she was close to a $75,000 fitness modeling contract but turned it down because the agent wanted her to use Anavar, a legal steroid to gain more muscle.
Keep an eye on Watson, a junior, next fall on the Georgia sideline.
We wouldn’t want to be the opposing player that accidentally runs into her between the hedges.

Georgia Cheerleader Anna Watson (16 pics)

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8 February 2012

The owner of a PC decided to bring the system unit in order: to wipe dust, clean the fans, vacuum. But when he opened the cover, he was shocked. How could it get there?

A Computer With a Surprise (5 pics)

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8 February 2012

A compilation of funny demotivator posters for you. Enjoy!

Funny Demotivational Posters (16 pics)

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